Justin Holmgren

holmgren at alum dot mit dot edu
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I am a Scientist at NTT Research. Prior to that, I was a Google Research Fellow at the Simons Institute in Berkeley, and a Postdoctoral Research Associate at Princeton University with Professors Ran Raz and Mark Zhandry. I obtained my PhD in Computer Science at MIT under the wonderful supervision of Professor Shafi Goldwasser.

I'm broadly interested in theoretical cryptography and complexity theory, with a focus on delegation of computation.

Selected Publications

Update: I do not update this list frequently. Please see my DBLP page for a more up-to-date list of publications.

By reverse chronological ordering of publication date. Authorship on all papers is alphabetical.
  1. with Ran Raz.
  2. with Alex Wein
  3. with Ofer Grossman
    Oded's Choices #285. Auxiliary source code here.
  4. with Ofer Grossman and Eylon Yogev.
  5. On the Complexity of Decomposable Randomized Encodings, or: How Friendly Can a Garbling-Friendly PRF be?
  6. with James Bartusek, Liron Bronfman, Fermi Ma, and Ron D. Rothblum.
  7. Fiat-Shamir: From Practice to Theory
  8. with Lisa Yang



In Fall 2016, I co-taught Advanced Topics in the Theory of Cryptography with Aloni Cohen, Sunoo Park, and Adam Sealfon.

In Spring 2014, I was a TA for 6.857: Computer and Network Security, taught by Ron Rivest. See the notes for a lecture I prepared on Bitcoin.